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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

When should I talk to an attorney?
Now! If you even think that you have a claim, injury, damages or any type of legal problem, you should never hesitate to contact the Firm, or any other attorney. The law has many deadlines, which, once missed, may prevent you from ever enforcing your legal rights. In addition, if you have a valid claim, your attorney will want to immediately obtain documents, photographs, videotapes, medical records, witness statements, and any other relevant information as soon as possible. Otherwise, memories will fade, documents will get lost, and your claim will get weaker. Simply stated, there is no reason to wait; if there is, your attorney will tell you after your first consultation.

Will you keep our conversations confidential?
Yes. Attorneys are granted special rights under the law and ethics rules that make conversations with clients and potential clients privileged, confidential and protected. There are a few, limited exceptions to this rule, which we would be happy to explain to you prior to discussing anything of substance, if you are concerned.

What are your rates?
The rates for our attorneys range from $190 per hour to $350 per hour. When appropriate, we will have work performed by our legal assistants and paralegals, at rates of $45 to $120 per hour, respectively. We strive to perform your legal work in the most economical and efficient manner, while providing you with the experience and expertise appropriate for the nature and level of complexity of your legal matter.

How do I pay?
We accept cash and checks. We also accept payment using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards.

Do I have to pay a retainer?
The Firm requires evergreen retainers in all litigation matters when clients are out of state and as otherwise deemed necessary or appropriate by the Firm.

Do you accept cases on a contingency fee basis?
On occasion, the Firm will accept a case on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not be charged an hourly rate. Instead, our fee will be a percentage of the final outcome of the case (whether through trial or settlement). The Firm is very careful in choosing which cases to take on a contingency fee basis.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?
Every type of legal action is regulated by a “statute of limitations.” A statute of limitations is simply a deadline for you to file your lawsuit. Generally, the statute of limitations begins to run when you know, or should know, that you have been injured or damaged. From that point, you may have from several months to several years to file your lawsuit. However, there are many nuances that only an experienced attorney can analyze after learning all of the facts of your claim. In addition, for claims against governmental entities (which can actually include hospitals and other types of businesses), you may have to file a notice of your claim well before the statute of limitations would have run. The bottom line is, don’t wait -- speak to an attorney right away.

How long does a lawsuit take?
Due to the complexity of litigation and limited court resources, the complete litigation of a standard district court lawsuit can average between 1-3 years. This time can be affected by numerous and varying factors, some of which we can control, and some of which we cannot.